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Novels by Jodae'a

P. O. Box 3376 S. Crater Road 

Petersburg Virginia 23805-9998

NBJ Book Store

NBJ Book Store

Careful What You PREY For by Jodaea


Nestled along the Tar River, sets Barrett's Cove. A quaint and quiet town in Barrett County, located on the outskirts of the busy college city of Greenville, North Carolina. The BC’s most popular resident, Prosecutor Vivian Washington, is the youngest and first African American woman in the county's history, to hold the prestigious position.

During the week, Vivian is known around town as a very professional and dignified representative of the Barrett County judicial system. On the weekend however, the all-work-and-no-play Ms. Washington transforms into Vi, the party hearty, girl-gone-wild. She stumbles upon more than she can handle when she sets her sights on the BC's newest resident and BCPD detective, Adrian Porter. A new transplant from Wake County, Detective Porter is very attractive and mysterious.

Upon meeting the new detective, Vivian finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, but Detective Porter is just as elusive as he is attractive. After several unsuccessful advances and turning a deaf ear to the warnings of her family, friends, and even Adrian himself to leave him alone, Vivian continues to pursue the detective. In the near future however, she will come to find that sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone!

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