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Novels by Jodae'a

P. O. Box 3376 S. Crater Road 

Petersburg Virginia 23805-9998


         Born on June 14, 1973, Jodaéa is a cross-genre author of romantic-suspense, crime, and mystery- thrillers. Raised in both Washington, D.C. and Prince George's County, Maryland, Jodaea attended Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland as well as Saint Paul's College in Lawrenceville, Virginia. She is also a Registered Nurse and member of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc..

     All of her life, Jodaéa always seemed to find herself either in or around the most unconventional and sometimes unbelievable situations, often asking herself  why me? From witnessing a neighbor’s death in 1979, to being the first on the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident in 1999, to observing the supernatural in a hospital room. In 2008, after much encouragement from family and friends to chronicle her past experiences, Jodaéa finally decided to give writing a try. She says her inspirations come from recalling past experiences then asking herself, "What's the worst that could have happened?" then lets the stories write themselves!      

      “I know my stories are interesting, entertaining, and insightful. My novels have stories within the story," she says. “Because this society is one of instant gratification, my novels are quick reads. I don’t employ useless trivia or insignificant narration to simply fill pages. I love to keep my readers pulled into my stories by appealing to their five senses…what are the characters feeling, smelling, hearing, etc. I get right to the point and pounce! I try not to give the reader a chance to put my book down!"

     Some of her favorite authors are Stephen King, Robert Parker, Iceberg Slim, and John Lescroart. Every situation in her novels is based in fact with fictional backstories. However, there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned in the end! Soon to release her fourth literary work, Jodaéa says she is looking forward to the time when the author can take care of the nurse.